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The drawing hand is free since the drawer has been given free will. Who from, I wonder? Well, from our Creator, I reckon. We have received from him “free hand” and those certain talents – everyone to a different extent – that we should not bury in the ground. He also gave us remorse that torments us so badly when we do bury some of our talents, nonetheless. Professing this free hand and will is hard work, but it gives us human dignity. Many crave this dignity out of lust, greed, thirst of power, or mere fun. And once dignity is taken, the lousy leftovers may be thrown out like those dolls one has become tired of. You can draw with anything, with your finger on the steamy window, with a stick in the sand, with pee in the snow, with pencil on a slate, with charcoal, chalk, pencil, clack ink, pen, reed, with water, carbon, coffee, wine, with tooth and nail – in a word: with everything.

But why do we draw? Just like that. Just for spite.
Notwithstanding and in spite of everything.

And for the time being:

„Behold me, everyone,
Behold me, everyone.”